Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Maple syrup glazed walnut

So, this pack of walnut in the house has been staring at me for quite sometime now and yesterday found a time to do something with it. I was intentionally intending to eat it as it is but i find it very bitter so I was thinking, why not I glazed it with sugar or something? I found these ingredients when i rummaged through the kitchen and that's how I made this simple yet delectable candied Walnuts. Don't get me wrong, they're yummy if you eat them on their own but I think a sprinkle of sugar will give it a little thrill like how life should be, dont you think? hehehe.

I used Martha stewards recipe below:

Here are the ingredients:

The finish product after taking it out from the oven. Sorry I've been lazy taking pics of the entire process. Will do better next time.